Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Since hell has frozen over, I'm moving to limbo where it's warmer.

By even western NY standards, it is really cold. I mean freeze your butt off cold. I mean the kind of cold that makes you think that living in a western state like Arizona, even with the possibility of it having no water in the future, looks like a good idea.

Please take note of the image above. While you can't see it, the temperature is 9 degrees. (That's Fahrenheit, not Celsius, for all my European and other worldly bloogers.) That's the temp right now, and it is expected to dip even further tonight, and in the coming days. It will even enter negative territory with the wind chill. In short, my kitchen freezer will seem like a tropical paradise compared with being outside.

I had to go into my basement just to make sure the sump pump is not freezing up, and it seems to be okay. We haven't had this kind of cold in several winters, so I suppose we were due for it, but still, it is annoying. I blame Canada. Why? Well, first off, it's easy. Secondly, they always seem to dump their weather down on us here.

I suspect I will now get a tongue lashing from Violet Sky about this. Must be the cold.

You know that old saying; "It'll be a cold day in hell when...(insert your favorite action here)"

If you live up this way, you had better start making good on those promises.


Peter said...

I just checked my car GPS:
Belgium (currently at +5°C/40°F with rain, normal for Jan) is located at 51°N

The Yankee Stadium, New York City
is only at 40°North, with much lower temps though.

Without the warm gulf stream, we'd be freezing solid in Belgium.

Try to stay warm at 9°F (-13°C), probably easier said than done..

The FrogBlogger said...

Don't count your chickens Peter, one threatened effect from climate change and the rapid meltdown of Arctic ice is the slowing, and possibly the halting, of the Gulf Stream. You could be skiing in the Ardennes from November to May if that happens :-)

Funny thing, cold weather. While on the subject of skiing, I was up at the Tignes resort in the French Alps in temperatures as low as -20 (deg. C), and with zero humidity, little wind chill and well wrapped up, it was quite bearable. Yet at +13 deg C, in high humidity Thailand last month, it was bone-chillingly cold.

Anonymous said...

...when the temps reach normal again.

We've had Jr. with us the last few nights as his room is one of the colder in the house.

Calling for 2 deg F (-17 C) tonight. Wind chills will put it lower. ON effin G that's a cold night. Cuddle you cuttie tonight.

Jay said...

Sheesh - that IS cold!! And we're complaining that we're in a cold spell here!

Stay warm! And don't go out if you don't have to!

VioletSky said...

Umm, I believe this cold came from OHIO.