Friday, January 23, 2009

Nighttime disturbances.

I'm not sure why this is happening, but for at least 3 nights this week I have been having a series of pretty violent nightmares. Nothing cohesive mind you, and hard to remember them after I wake up (not the I really want to remember them anyway). I'm not sure why these are happening, as I don't get nightmares on any sort of regular basis. There is only one relevant factor I can point to, that being my blood sugar being somewhat lower than normal before I go to bed. I have to give myself a dosage of long acting insulin prior to bedtime, so I am wondering if it is dropping lower during sleep than normal, hence causing my neurons to fire wildly, and causing my brain chemistry to play nasty tricks on me.

Unfortunately, there was no constant theme throughout these horror images, other than the fact that all involved a woman that was trying to do me harm. As I have read Jung in the past, I am tempted to try and find the symbolic nature of what all this represents (I'm staying away from Freud. Don't even want to go there.). Female looking to destroy me...hmm...will have to look this one up.

I did however have one moment of terror, in which I woke up practically hyperventilating. It took me a good 2-3 minutes to get my bearings, and when I did, the entire imagery of what got me into this state was gone. I couldn't remember what exactly it was I was dreaming about or why. Maybe this is the brain's way of protecting itself against trauma, or maybe I unconsciously chose not to remember.

Ah well. Maybe it's true that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Peter said...

I hope they will subside asap.

It happened to me too last year. In the end, I assume the vile things my former diving instructor did to me back then must have triggered them.

But we're never sure, are we?

Jay said...

Oh, bad luck! I've had my share of nightmares, so I can empathise - they rob you of good quality sleep in the end.

If they came on suddenly and they've become regular, I'd be inclined to suspect either drugs or something you're eating or drinking. I can tell you that (when I drank alcohol) if I drank brandy I would get the most horrendous nightmares, complete with wild, loud music. *Shudders*

I hope they leave you soon!

gemmak said...

Thats horrible, I have short spells like that but I never really know why, I'm usually a bit more stressed than normal when it happens tho....thats the only common denominator I can ever find. They pass after a few weeks....hopefully yours will too.

Holly said...

I am not prone to nightmares, except for an extended period in 1986 when I was very severely depressed and felt powerless to change my life. I had horrible, violent nightmares then--and believe it or not, not only the nightmares but a variety of other unpleasant physical ailments were all explained by Chinese medicine. According to it, if you have a severe lung problem, you might have nightmares depicting the violent deaths of people--including yourself.

Had bronchitis lately?

anyway, I hope things clear up soon.