Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another coffee post.

Back in June, I posted this about my semi-obsession with a good cup o' joe. I have been meaning to post another one of my java hangouts, Starry Nites Cafe, in the city of Rochester at the University Ave/Atlantic Ave. split.

While I don't get there as often as some other places, I do enjoy the atmosphere here, and they have an excellent wireless connection, which makes for some good work when I do get here.

This is technically a coffee shop and wine bar, and they have an excellent selection of food and desserts as well. (The brownies are to DIE for.)

They are in the Neighborhood of the Arts, which you can find out more about here. It is also a favorite hangout for a lot of the RIT filmmakers, and after doing a staged reading of a fim script late last September, we all piled into cars and took over the place.

So, when you come to visit, I'll be more than happy to take you there, and feed you a brownie. Oh, and as the name suggests, it has a bit of a Van Gogh theme to it, but you don't have to give up an ear to enjoy the place.


Peter said...

My reader just informed me that this post mentioned "a deceased Dutch painter who lived in Belgium"

Actually, I wish my RSS reader would be so clever, but in case I ever make it across the pond again: this place appears to have real old-world charm.

Anonymous said...

I'll vouch for Mr. N's. review. Cozy place we have in our fair town.

Jay said...

Sounds good - but not until you warm up over there!