Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ve haf vays uf makink you talk...

I come home the other day and find this interesting implement on the kitchen prep table:

Noticing the edge grip at the bottom of it, I begin to think; "Hmm...I wonder what I have done now? Has Mrs. Nighttime finally tired of some repetitive habit that I have, and is going to make sure I get rid of it?"

Gently lifting up said device, I looked at it head on and tried to get a different perspective:

It finally hit me; I was about to be living in a real-world "Clockwork Orange," or possibly become a victim of "The tall man" in "Phantasm." Boy I must have really ticked her off.

Or, it could be that this device was perfectly harmless. I'll leave it up to you out there in blogland. First one to chime in with the correct answer as to what this really is gets a cookie.


VioletSky said...

I'm too blinded by that huge eyeball in your header. Will check back later when it has blinked. Or winked.

Jay said...

HAhahahaha! Guilty conscience at all, Mr N?

Looks like an apple corer to me. Maybe cider making is to be perpetrated?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Its a grippy thing. For, well, gripping! Can I have a cookie now? BG

battlemaiden said...

Apple peeler?

Mr. Nighttime said...

Well, Jay and battlemaiden are tied, as it is both a peeler AND a corer! (I sound like an infomercial, I know. "But wait, there's more!")

You both get the cookie. BG, I'll give you one as well as I have a soft spot for you.

VS - Well, just imagine the size of the contact lens it needs... ;-)

Mr. Nighttime said...

Oh, btw Jay, not for cider, for apple butter.

Anonymous said...

OK you yankee imperialist dog, no speaka de ingleesh, WTheck is apple butter?

Mr. Nighttime said...

j-Comrade, apple butter, ancient American tradition. Core, peel cut up apples, mix w/a whole bunch of stuff, put in crockpot until they get really soft, mash 'em all up into a paste, spread on bread a la jelly.

Now, tsovaricsch, go see if your apple harvest has made 5-year plan projections, pick 'em, make your own... ;-)

Peter said...

You got me scared for a second,
with those dark stains on
that cutting board ;-)

On a personal note:
wish I'd come home any day and find signs of "cooking" anywhere :-)

My SO loves eating and watching cooking programs, but I had to ban him from my kitchen (as a "chef"), given it takes me more time to clean the mess he leaves behind than to cook myself.

Anonymous said...

@ Peter
You've struck a chord
Living in an old house - kitchen 28m² - which is too small for two, according to the Grouch, (am presuming he fears a female presence may curdle his sauces). However I have managed to ban recipes with flour!