Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mug shots.

So, if you're like me, you probably keep several hundred coffee mugs (well, maybe not that many) piled in your cupboard, or hanging from wall mounted coffee mug hooks somewhere in your abode. We have so many, that we have divided them into the daily, the occasional, and the "used for purposes other than coffee" sections. We also have such a varied assortment: The ones made from kiln-fired porcelain, the cheapo ones you get from chachkis stores, the ones with funny sayings on them, and the ones that are personal in nature, that mean something to you for some reason.

I have several mugs that I use constantly, one that is a personal favorite, as it was given to me by a boss I was not particularly fond of, but that gave it to me out of recognition of something I had accomplished. I think it also was an attempt on his part to "turn a corner" in his own relationships with people after the death of his father. One of my favorite mugs is this one:

Many of The Bard's best insults on one mug. You can't go wrong with that, especially with it being issued by such a fine organization as:

(Don't ask why Blogger has rotated the pic, as I didn't ask it to.)

I always wondered how unemployed philosophers got along in these tough economic times.

Then of course, there are mugs that are educational. Need to broaden your horizons? Well, here's one that will help you learn a foreign language quickly:
So? What's on your coffee/tea mug?


Jay said...

We are just like you!! We have a whole cupboard shelf devoted to mugs, and they spill over into the one above, the Welsh dresser, a shelf above the cooker and the mug tree.

Love the Will Shakespeare mug, but why isn't that in the educashonal category? ;)

The one I'm using right now is a favourite, but it's very plain, just white china. I like it because it's a 'breakfast' mug - wide and shallow, but without being a fancy shape. It's a nice sensible, big mug which allows my coffee to cool to a drinkable temperature at exactly the right rate. I keep my Johnny Depp mugs for last thing at night. ;)

battlemaiden said...

We don't have a lot of mugs with sentimental value, mostly because I have a tendency to drop them in the sink while washing them. They subsequently shatter. I then curse and toss the broken pieces in the trash.

Ryan has one mug from London that is on the very highest shelf in the cupboard. A friend brought be a very beautiful stoneware one with a sheep on it from Ireland a few years ago. These both stay put away and never come out. Ever.

Zed said...

Need you ask? A 'My Boyfriend is a Twat' mug of course!

Mr. Nighttime said...

Jay - The Bard goes in the entertainment category. ;-) Keeping Johnny for late at night? Now, why does that not surprise me?

BM - I have a teacup from England that I use all the time, but very, very carefully!

Zoe - Always pushing the merchandise! ;-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

My two favourite mugs are tall, thin at the bottom, wide at the top, with painted on FLOWERS, yes, I know, boring.

My favourite of all broke...it was glass, pure, clear glass with 'embossed' glass...heh...flowers. I think it was from Indonesia. It was quite kitschy [spelling? not sure] and I loved it.

In some country, not sure where, they have tea glasses, how I want tea glasses. Bright, gaudy, colourful tea glasses.

Jay said...

"Keeping Johnny for late at night? Now, why does that not surprise me?"

Well, they're small mugs, you see, and I'm getting old. You know how it works; what goes in must come out...

That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. ;)

VioletSky said...

I don't have any mugs with writing on them anymore. One of my favourites is from an art gallery in Glasgow featuring Rennie Mackintosh rose. It is a flute shape with a tiny pedestal base. I use it for special occasions (when I need cheering up, or am feeling particularly happy) as I am terrified of breaking it.

Coincidentally, I also have a post on mugs waiting (for a photo). Stay tuned.