Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I would never have expected this... this point in my life. Maybe when I was older, it might have happened, when I was perhaps in my 80's. I was not sure this country could yet overcome its racial divide. We have come a long way in that arena, but I thought there was still more to get past.

I think we did that tonight, in leaps and bounds. We did it because we saw through the fear that was being thrown our way, and focused on the core things we all deal with; just like in 1992, it is the economy, stupid. We also found it in ourselves to do what Americans do best, and that is look inside ourselves and know what we really want, and how we can achieve it. Others often deride us for our "cheery" attitude, loud and brash manner, and while it has gotten us into trouble, it also serves us well.

If there ever was a prime example of the "can-do" spirit of Americans, it was very clearly demonstrated tonight.

Of course, now the hard part comes. Now Obama has to live up to the rhetoric, the promises, and deliver as best he can on what he stands for.

Here's hoping he can do it.


zoe said...

Obama has a lot to fix - but simply making it to President must have been quite a difficult achievement.

Congratulations, President Obama - and well done America.

Anonymous said...

yes we can?

Peter said...

I've always admired the "can-do" spirit of Americans, as for decades it has served America well.

Although we live in different countries, the Dutch had a similar (though less outspoken) "can-do" attitude that created wealth and prosperity in previous centuries.

I've been scanning the international news networks and the world is pleased Obama got elected
(apart from the Russians who immediately started throwing mud)

Basically, we're all interconnected: when Wall Str nosedived, my Belgian pension fund crashed to the floor (it's still virtually wortless), so yes, Obama is facing huge challenges, but we're all pleased that America made such a wise choice.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Zoe-Indeed he does. He has inherited a nightmare that has to be converted into a beautiful reverie. Now the real work starts. Thanks for the congrats.

j-Yes, we did.

Peter-I'm familiar with the Dutch can do attitude, as I suspect much of our own capitalist tendencies are inherited from them. I think of the Dutch East India Company, as an example. Yes, they were slavers, amongst other things, but I am more referring to their tenacity as businessmen. I think we inherited that to some degree.

As for the Russians, well, they're never happy unless they are going contrary to the rest of the world. It's just who they are. ;-)

Hang on to that pension fund, as when the wind shifts (as it always does) you'll be better off for it.

Jay said...

As a Brit, watching the presidential struggle from the outside, I'm so pleased for you. Some Americans may not like Obama for various reasons, but I think he's a breath of fresh air, not least because he's the first black president. It shows what can be achieved in a relatively short time - forty years? Amazing.

He seems to be a very strong character, and I hope he is, because he's inherited a mess, it seems, and there will be people only to happy to see him fall on his face.

Good luck to him, and to you all!