Friday, October 10, 2008

"You call yourself a salesman you son-of-a-bitch?"

After the talking to we received the other day, (see previous post) it started to trigger a memory in my brain that just made me smile.

David Mamet is my favorite playwright. His work is so brutally caustic, so real, that you feel as though you have been through a two hour workout. It is even more so when you get the opportunity to perform one of his pieces, as I was fortunate to do when I was in "The Water Engine," about a year and a half ago. As with so many of Mamet's plays, the American work ethic, and salesmanship is at the heart of it, but the real titanic piece of work that he is known for is "Glengarry, Glen Ross."

The movie version of the play added an extra scene near the begining, in which Alec Baldwin delivers one of the most amazing monologues ever, and is often used by actors as an audition piece. While what happened on Wed. did not rise to the level of what is in this piece, there was a touch of this, a glimpse of what perhaps this corporate guy that came to us really wanted to say, but couldn't. Just watch this, and if you are so inclined, rent the movie. You'll see why I don't want to be a salesman. Oh yes, I know that being the owner of a small business requires salesmanship, but I'll do it my way, without trying to insult the people I want to be my clients.

Just watch it. It's a seven minute roller coaster ride.


Peter said...

A stunning piece on American work ethic, and ruthless salesmanship.

In Antwerp, Belgium, the crashing economy means more salespeople than customers is some stores, and I'm sure it's just as bad in the US these days.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Peter - The true effect of what is happening in the world market is still yet to be seen, but will be soon, with the holidays approaching. If there were ever a barometer of what this debacle has done to capitalism (and, I might add, consumerism) it will be what is to come in the next 2 months in the lead up to Christmas and New Year's.

We already have seen a partial effect, as gas (petrol) prices have plummeted due to a cutback in demand, but I suspect as the prices plummet further, that might swing back in the other direction. I think an even better indicator will be watching in what direction Americans go as far as new vehicle purchases. (big vs. small, gas guzzling vs fuel efficient.)

Retiredandcrazy said...

If only someone was in charge!!!

Bina said...

Wow. That was amazing! And the sad thing is, I'm sure he is right and I bet they get more results going "hard core" than trying to be nice about it. Now I DO want to rent this movie!

having my cake said...

I hated that film :(