Thursday, October 30, 2008

An evil wind blows.

So, it seems as though winter has come early to this part of western, NY. We got our first snowfall (Okay, it was a dusting, at least here. Some places got a few inches.) and the wind yesterday made me start looking to see if the Wicked Witch of the West was hanging around here. The terrain here tends to be flat, though my house sits on a large hill. There are not a lot of trees around, so there is very little in terms of a wind break. When it does come through here, the wind can do a lot of damage.

Case in point: Two years ago, we had a really bad one, with gusts up to 50 mph. Apparently, either the postman, or FedEx, or someone came to the door, opened the screen door, and it got caught by a gust and was basically torn part way from the frame. (This is a heavy screen door, with a replaceable window for the wintertime.) Suffice to say that the repair job for that was a royal pain in the ass, as we not only had to replace the part of the frame and door jamb, but the piston for the door, and re-align it as well. I'm convinced that home repair is the major cause of divorce in this country, or at least marital strife.

Well, history has repeated itself as I came home yesterday to find the screen door damaged yet again. How it got caught by the wind this time is beyond me, as I thought it had been locked. I haven't inspected it closely, as it took an effort on Mrs. Nighttime's part (she actually found the door damaged before I did.) to get the door back in alignment to be closed. The piston is beyond repair, and I am hoping that the frame held enough that all I will need to do is bang it back into place.

What is going to be interesting is that Friday being Halloween, and all the neighborhood kids out and about, we're going to have some sort of temporary fix in place.

I guess this was our Halloween trick. I hope there's a treat around the corner somewhere.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

That sounds horrid! I live on the coast so we're well used to wind here, but I've never forgotten being in a hurricane whilst I was in CT, scary!
Hope everything else well in your world, BG x

Retiredandcrazy said...

It's a small world. We get high winds here too. We live on what is called Fen land. It's flat and there is nothing to stop it. They call it a lazy wind because it doesn't bother to go around you, it simply goes straight through!

Peter said...

I hope the damage will turn out to be minor.

I live near the "Schelde" river in Antwerp, a direct connection to the English Channel/North Sea/Atlantic.

When we get 'a real evil wind', Antwerp city goes into full alert as the wind can actually break the banks and flood this town. It happened in the 50s.

Jay said...

I'm in Fenland too - or to be strictly accurate, right on the edge. This means that the Northeaster ripping across the fields this morning had nothing much to stop it before it got to our house! I agree with Retiredandcrazy, it is lazy, and does go right through you. Not so bad at this time of year, but come February when the wind is stronger and there's sleet in the air, it's like being sandblasted. Our first dog used to hide behind us.

Sorry to hear about your door. Is that covered by householder's insurance? Seems like it should be!

Guyana-Gyal said...

That wind seems determined to cause friction in your marriage!

Haha, it's true though, the way we wimmen assume that a man should know home repairs.

Speaking of Halloween, I saw some shots on BBC, it was a Halloween parade, I think it was in New York.

What happens if someone chooses to play a trick rather than give treats to the children?

gemmak said...

Here it's ok but when I lived in Scotland we regularly had winds against which I couldn't open the door at all or walk against. The building had a special roof on it that was designed to 'move' as opposed to being rigid and break, it made a God awful racket in hight winds but true to it's word it never broke. I just couldn't open the door at all so there was no chance of that suffering as yours has!

SNOW! you had snow! I want snow! ;o)