Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spot o' coffee

While I have my favorite coffee hangout, I do like to mix things up. There is another coffee shop in downtown Rochester, in the East End district, that I stopped hanging at for a time. Their internet access was spotty at best, but they seemed to have gotten things straightened out, and for the past week, I have been visiting them. The East End was the first part of downtown to undergo a rejuvenation back in the late 90's, and continues to this day. It is amazing what can do with an old car dealership, and give it new life:

They still retained the Chevrolet signs, but the real name of the place marks the "spot:"

The coffee is not bad, could be better, though the espresso drinks are far superior. They make great sandwiches, (the chicken foccacia is my favorite) and they have live music on weekends. It is a "coffee cathedral" of sorts, as it is a cavernous place:

If you're into people watching, this is the perfect place for it, especially with the large picture window/doors that are open on hot days, and the outside seating. I have many a meeting here in my duties as PR director for my theatre.

Come on down, join me for a spot o'coffee, and some good conversation...


Julia said...

I really wanted to like Spot Coffee. I always enjoyed going to the Delaware/Chippewa location in Buffalo, but I found the Rochester location too loud. I always had trouble hearing people when I went there and desperately wished for some sound deadening materials on the walls or ceilings.

It doesn't help that I was spoiled by Java (Joe's). I got to gradually get used to its increasing size over the years and it still feels cozy to me. Plus, their coffee is better.

That said, Spot Coffee does look cool inside. It's a cool looking place.

Jay said...

I love the way they've refurbished the place and kept the Chevrolet sign - it gives it character. If it's loud inside, I might not like it as an experience, but as a building it's beautiful!

buffalodickdy said...

Those Chevy signs have to worth a small fortune...

Peter said...

I just love these old car dealerships or any majestic old building given a second chance as a hotspot.

Spot o' coffee looks like a great example. Locally, you'd be amazed what has been happening: recently the old Nordic seaman's mission church was sold to a developer. And parts of a Art Deco theater have been turned into a grand café in Antwerp.

I must post some more pictures ;-)

As for WiFi access: some places do offer it for free (, but the street side café at the local Antwerp Hilton charges by the hour.


Mr. Nighttime said...

Julia-Yeah, I hear you about the noise issue, but there is also an energy in the place that reminds me a little of NYC. I still vary my time between there and Spin on Park Ave.

jay-It is a beautiful building, isn't it? I really am happy they were able to save it and put it to good use.

buffalo-Yeah, I wondered about that myself, especially the art deco work of the building.

Peter-Spot's WiFi is free, (Unlike Starbucks, which charges.) but it has had connectivity issues. The last 3 or 4 times I have been there however, there have been no problems, so I am hoping they sorted them out. I'm looking forward to your pics!

gemmak said...

Dang!!! Sounds fab, just a bit of a commute for me! :o(

Bina said...

I have never heard of this place before, but sounds and looks like a great place!