Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Common sense from an uncommon source.

I miss Frank Zappa. Really. While known to many, and misunderstood by just as many, he was a brilliant composer, arranger, guitarist, and life agitator. He made you think. His work was often thought of as crude, but if you really got down to business and paid attention to his words, you'd realized that he carried more common sense in his pinkie than most people had in their entire bodies. He championed the cause to stop censorship of music back in the late 80's. (Anyone remember Tipper Gore and the PMRC?) He could make social commentary through his work just as easily as singing about the girl in the poncho that he did it with until he could do it no more.

People called him crazy. I suspect he was a hero to someone like Steve Jobs. Why? Because he was an innovator. Yes, his work was not for everyone, but where's the fun in that? So the next time you call for a repairman that takes forever to finish a home repair, put on a copy of "The Flakes," and take comfort that you're not in California, where they seem to have the most of them. How do I know? Well, Frank told me so.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Yeah, we get 'learning' from interesting sources if we keep our ears open.

I listen to the 'ordinary' folk here and learn a whole lot.

Funny, I never heard Frank Zappa in this house, my brothers grew up on music in that era. I've got to find out why.

charlotte limo said...

he really was a genius