Monday, October 18, 2010

Who do I have to fuck to get a job in this town?

Yeah, it's a crude title but I just don't care. If you read my last post, you saw that I had applied for a position that was just about as perfect for me as it gets. It fed into everything that I have done over the past ten or so years, and then some. It would have allowed me to utilize the best skills from my years in health care, and my new skills in public relations. It would have been perfect - and it went to someone else.

It went to someone else even after I was told how great and relevant my credentials are. It went to someone else without even the courtesy of a second interview. It went to an internal candidate (who I happen to know, and know is well qualified), and while I understand the importance of being able to advance a career, it still hurts that I wasn't even brought in for a second interview. I mean, I was promoted to my paramedic supervisor's job all those years ago as an internal candidate, so I get it, I really do.

Still, it just disheartens me, and makes me wonder how much longer I can keep this course. if I can't even get so much as a second interview with the qualifications I do have, what does this tell me?

For now, I'll just go sulk, but I can't, as I have to work tonight, and deal with the assholes that call in and whine about their cable TV. I didn't need this disappointment, not now, with all that I'm up against with the rest of my life.


OneTrueSaxon said...

Hi Mr N - sorry to hear you missed out, but all I can say is please don't get disheartened. Believe me - it isn't you. The labor market is an absolute bloodbath currently and with the economy as brittle as it is, employers are trying to get the perfect match.

That means having the specificity of skills they require plus. Right now they can do that, they can take their time and pick, they can say "We not only want a guy whoi can do X, but we also want him to be skilled in Y and Z and be able to manage and have outstanding soft skills at the same time."
In five years they probbaly won't be able to do that, but right now they can.

Also, and again this is down to the economy, companies are inclined to select an internal candidate because they are presumed to be a good cultural fit.

I know none of this helps, but I'm just trying to help you see that it isn't down to your own failings, but that it is an employers market - and how - at the moment. Don't lose heart, and do drop me a line - I am sure I can help you out in some shape or form.

VioletSky said...


now about that play.....

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I got no job seeking advice so thought I'd just leave you a *hug* instead. BG Xx

Zed said...

I love the title of this post as I have got to the point where I'll fuck all of Brussels to get a job. Having been out of work for over a year is paying its toll on me and I applied for a job today that I applied for at the beginning of the year but they couldn't decide as "they hadn't interviewed enough candidates yet". So they are advertising again. GAH. Earlier this year I was far more confident - but now...

But you. This is a situation that happens a lot and as OneTrueSaxon said, companies do tend to employ internally as the economic/job crisis is so bad, and they know the people already working at the company - so they don't have to give them that much of a pay-rise.

Super for us all. Yeah, yeah.

All I can say is that thank god you have a job anyway - even if you hate it. At least you have routine and income.

Christ, I think I'm ready to wax women's pussies if it'll mean that I have a job.

Many hugs and we'll talk later. xxx

Mr. Nighttime said...

Saxon - In my case, it was not even a matter of skill sets. I had them all, and then some, and I was told so. It boiled down to an internal candidate who, was there for 12 years, and was more than qualified. I don't begrudge her, and as I said, I know her as well. It's just damned frustrating.

VS - Yeah, you need to come see the show. Write to me and I'll give you details.

Bendy - It's okay, as I know you're going through your own job horror, amongst other things. I still think you should try your hand at freelance journalism. You're a damned good writer.

Zed - I know that I'm fortunate enough to be working, but it's just not enough anymore. You can only tell yourself that but so many times, especially when one is working in a job that turns your brain into goo.

Waxing women's pussies? Hmmm...Nah, never mind... ;-)

RuneE said...

A job is job is job - or perhaps not. All my sympathy.

Bina said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I know the turmoil your life is in, and if you weren't already going through that, maybe this wouldn't hurt so bad.

Just hang in there. Once day you will find that perfect job, or it will find you, and you WILL be happy again. I know that's the day I'm waiting for anyway. I just wish it would hurry up and get here!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Keep knocking on doors and recognise the opportunities when they come along even if they seem insignificant.

This is what I've learnt from watching people here, people who've had to really struggle, to achieve.

Kitti said...

hello there @@ ! :) its been a while , sorry to hear you are stuck in the daily grind ...sighs... still its good to speak it out rather than let it live inside ! eheh .. catch ya soon x regards from the mounbtains ;) K

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oh, I am sorry. :( I hear of this happening more and more these days. It's as if they advertise only because they have to as required by law (true here, anyway) and aren't even really looking properly.

And you can't even have a good sulk, but instead you have to go and be polite to people who I'm betting aren't always polite to you!