Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Survivor Massacheusetts: Hers is the only vote that counts.

I have never been a fan of reality shows, save for maybe the occasional episode of "The Amazing Race." I have found these shows to be trite, whinny, and about as far removed from reality as possible. Any time you have cameras turned on you, reality tends to go out the window. There is always an element of "acting" that goes on, whether intended or not.

Real life however, doesn't allow for voting on one's survival. About the only similarity is that it can take a team effort to achieve a desired goal, or reward. This brings us to Claudia over at Dragonfly Dreaming. She has been given a challenge: A large lump was found in her breast the other day. The team she will be working with has only one goal in mind; keeping her alive.

Claudia is a survivor. She has survived cervical cancer. She has survived the death of her sister. She has survived an abusive past marriage. This is another obstacle that has been placed in her path, and she will need all the support possible to help her get through it.

Did I mention that she is also one hell of a writer? She is a very open person, and while she wears her emotions on her sleeve, she never smears them. Claudia carries enough love in her soul for 10 people, and her bawdy sense of humor is something that makes me love bantering with her. She loves her kids, her husband, her dogs, and her friends. She is passionate and erotic. She gives so much to others. It's time we gave back to her.

She is a survivor. I don't want her voted off the island.

Oh, and she's got great legs. I know, I've seen the pictures. *wink at Claudia*

So, please take some time out of your day, click on the highlighted Dragonfly Dreaming link above, and leave a message of support for Claudia. Tell her I sent you. Tell her she will beat this, or we will be forced to beat her. ;-)


Peter said...

Claudia will certainly appreciate this online support MrNightTime.

I've been chatting with her for years and I can only agree she's one real special person.

Claudia said...

Oh honey, I don't even know what to say except thank you. I'm scared to death, and I'll be honest, I spent the better half of the day in bed curled in fetal position, but I am a survivor and I'd really hate to think of life without me in it. How boring a world that would be!! ;) I am so grateful to have met people like you and for the giant universe of virtual friends that have stepped up and out of the shadows to offer support, love and diversion. I am blessed, truly. And one day, you and me will share a HUGE ass bottle of wine, on some little back-windy, city-grimed street, in some quaint, kick ass food making NYC restaurant and laugh and cry and hug over all these moments. I promise. Got it? xoxox

Mr. Nighttime said...

Claudia - I will hold you to that offer of a shared bottle of wine. I have just the one too. A lovely Pinot Noir from a great winery up here in the Finger Lakes. Oh, and I can take you to the little Turkish place I blogged about last year, that you drooled over.

Get your ass healed, no fucking excuses! ;-)

Bina said...

I have never met Claudia, but I hope one day I get the chance. She is everything you said and more. I could never completey describe, or explain why, I feel such a connection to her. I missed her so much when she closed her blog. I'm glad she is back, but not like this. I have been thinking of her constantly all day long, and will continue to think of and pray for her.

jay said...

I will pop over immediately!

My SIL had breast cancer and survived, despite smoking and drinking (excessively) all the way through her treatment. If she can do it, surely Claudia can, too!

Gaston Studio said...

Wishing your friend the very best. This is a very gracious post and a wonderful acknowledgement of her strength.