Monday, June 8, 2009


This will be a short one. It was home repair day on Saturday, as we had to take off the heavy duty storm door from the front of the house. It got caught by a gust of wind over the winter, ripping the piston off, and causing the hinge to be misaligned. The door would close, but not the way it should, so we removed it, removed the hinge, banged the hinge straight again, put it back on the door put the door back.

Now, this is a fairly heavy door, even with the screen and lower window removed. It is something of a security door that the former owner put on. He was a boriqua from the city, and as soon as I saw it I knew why it was there. This is a commonplace type of door that one sees on homes in the inner city:I actually like it, but taking it off the frame can be a pain. Putting it back was a literal pain.

I have an old injury from my paramedic days, when I subluxated both my shoulders from lifting a patient. In short, I severely strained (but didn't tear) both my rotator cuff muscles in both shoulders back in 1992. A lot of physical therapy got things back to normal, but it would still bug me from time-to-time over the years.

Well, lifting the door back on to the frame I think, aggrivated the injury in my left shoulder. The right one is fine, but I feel the same kind of pain I did back in '92. I think that unless this resolves over the next 2 days, I am off to the doc for an x-ray.

Shit, I hope I didn't tear it, though I suspect I would be in even more pain and have less range of motion than I do now.

In the meantime, here are some garden pics. the irises are particularly beautiful this year:


jay said...

Oh gosh, I really hope you didn't tear your rotator cuff!! Fingers crossed on that one.

The irises are gorgeous - they're one of my favourite flowers, but they have to be the blue/purple ones. I like the security door too, but I can see why you might be feeling less than warm toward it right now.

willow said...

That was a mighty strong wind! Hope you aren't hurt too badly.

VioletSky said...

So glad you have some particularly beautiful irises to admire during your healing....

Hope it isn't too severe an injury.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a more sympathetic Occupational Health than Urban paramedic

Nice house

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Gorgeous garden! Usually if you tear your rotator cuff you have a very noticeable loss of movement so fingers crossed it's a strain. It may be helpful to have your shoulder taped for a few days to let the injury heal. Hope it feels better soon, BG x

Peter said...

Your account reminds me that my somewhat similar home improvement plans might be very unwise, especially since I'm also facing spinal damage that never really healed. Let's hope for the best.

It's always a pleasure having a peek in other people's gardens, during a typical rainy Belgian week when cold rain&hail storms left me dreaming of a more classic summer.

Bina said...

Wow, those Iris's ARE beautiful! Mine are done blooming for the year and I just cut down all the stalks over the weekend.

I had doors like that put on my house when I first moved to Clarksville. My husband was gone all the time (Special Forces) and we were on the border of KY. A few corn fields over was this nasty little run-down trailer park and the teenagers would come and try to terrorize the neighborhood. I even put motion sensor lights outside. A cop lived next to me, and it didn't stop those effers from breaking into my car and several others one night.

That's when I moved to the country! LOL

I sure hope your shoulder gets better and you didn't tear anything. I've heard that surgery hurts like CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

how is your shoulder? Did you get it looked at. Gosh, that must have hurt quite a bit.
I suppose the all important question would be... did you fix the door?

Sistertex said...

Haven't heard from you for a bit, hope that means your arm is okay and you are enjoying the Improv!