Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Xmas hijinks.

Tom Lehrer is a bona fide genius. A Harvard professor, he began recording songs in the late 50' - satirical pieces with a bite that still resonates today. I have 3 of his albums, and even though some of the pieces seem a bit dated, many of them still ring true, and make me howl.

This particular little dittiy is rather appropriate for this time of year. Written in the early 60's, it is as relevant as ever.

Lehrer retired from performing and playing some time ago, to our loss. He still influences comedians to this day, and as Dr Demento has pointed out, is probably the greatest political satirist of our time.


AnneDroid said...

Thanks for posting that - it's fab.

Merry Christmas x

Holly said...

OK, I've waited almost ten minutes (seems like, at least) for even half the stuff on your blog to load via the old, crappy dialup modum used by the people I'm spending Christmas with, and now I'm giving up. Mostly I want to say "thanks for introducing me to you and your blog, and I hope 2009 treats you well."

Peter said...

Well, "the holiday season" is undoubtedly the most commercialized season of the year,
but then again, where would our economy be if we were to drastically cut our spending.

I tried to get some groceries at the nearby Antwerp Hilton shopping mall and had trouble not being run over by the crowd, a far from seasonal experience.

Anyway, may your holidays be peaceful ;-)

Jay said...

Haha! I love it! Thanks for that, perfect antidote to all the sugar. ;)

Hope you had a good day!

having my cake said...

Very funny :) Hope you had a good one x