Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching up.

So, where to start this post? It has been so long since I last blogged that I wondered whether or not I had simply lost the urge to blog, or to write, for that matter. I have come to discover that I need not be concerned. Sometimes, stepping back from a task, even something that I might love, creates new opportunities not yet realized. I can say that it has been a difficult month and a half, starting with Nelson's death, and continuing through to the start of the holiday season here, and trying to pull out some sense of joy amongst all the senseless things I see around me.

Nelson's funeral was as expected, an extremely difficult and sorrowful event. To die at 45 is never an easy thing to deal with for those left behind. It's worse when looking at the legacy he left behind (his family, friends, colleagues and students) makes all realize what a loss this world has suffered. He was an only child, which made it even worse for his mother. It was however, not without its lighter moments, of which Nelson would have approved.

During the wake the night before, a priest that knew Nelson well commented during his eulogy that Nelson had a habit of being late - for everything - something that was not lost upon my brother, his best friend of 38 years. My brother then commented to me as to how they used to tell Nelson to be somewhere half an hour before he actually needed to be there because of his preponderance to to be late.

The next day at the funeral, which was actually in a chapel on the grounds of a Greek Orthodox seminary (Nelson converted to Greek Orthodox from Roman Catholicism some years ago), we were standing and waiting for the coffin to be brought in, and I took note that the time was 10:10 am. About a minute later, his coffin was brought in and I chuckled to myself. The funeral was due to start at 10 am. Leaning over to my brother, and his friend Marc (the third member of the trio of childhood best friends), I said, "You do realize he's late to his own funeral, don't you?" I suspect that it took all of my brother and Marc's strength not to burst out in hysterics, but we all knew Nelson would be laughing right along with us.

After the funeral, we went to Nelson's aunt's home in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx, and gathered with his family and shared memories. The wound of his loss is still very fresh for my brother, but he is doing better these days.

Now, the rest of the month and into this month was relatively uneventful, save for one event from last week.


Yep, it finally happened. I pitched a story to this magazine:

about this theatre company here in Rochester:

I knew about the theatre group through my own connections in the theatre community here, albeit with not a lot of details. One of its officers however also sits on the board of directors with me at my theatre, so I began to ask him some questions about Artist's Unlimited and found that there was a great story in the making. I have time to write it, as the magazine only publishes in January and July, but will be starting on the preliminary interviews after the first of the year.

I am hoping that this is the break I have been waiting for, and that it will lead to other national publications, if not just more work in general. I would like to be full-time freelancing by this time next year, as I already missed this years' goal due to, well, due to me not putting in the effort I should have.

I have also gotten myself on to Skype, and have been talking with the ever so lovely Zoe over at MBIAT. We've had some great conversations, and I have resolved to visit Belgium to meet her and Peter over at Antwerp Calling as well within the next year or two.

So I now resolve to get back into the swing of things and try to blog a minimm of 2-3 times per week. Here's hoping.


VioletSky said...

Best wishes for a successful and happy 2010.

Good to see you back here again. Don't be shy, keep us informed with your wit and wisdom.

(as I write this I am listening to the Rochester Jazz Festival on PBS)

jay said...

I was going to say it's funny how funerals reflect the personalities of the deceased, but it isn't so odd after all, really, is it? I'm glad it went well and you found a little humour in a very sad situation. One of my uncles died recently and there was a surprising amount of fun and laughter at his funeral - he was a cheerful, fun-loving sort of guy.

Congratulations on getting your writing accepted by such a prestigious magazine! A breakthrough! I'll expect to see your by-line all over the place now. ;)

Happy New Year!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

OMG! Congratulations on the article! Here's hoping the next decade brings us all happier times. Happy New Year to you and Mrs N, love BG Xx

Peter said...

Much like you experienced yourself, the past few months have been very difficult here in Belgium Mr Nighttime, with the expected yet emotionally painful death of a family member, along with several ongoing personal issues.

Congratulation on your national publication! I do hope it will be the break you've been waiting for.

I must try to catch you online one of these days, with the 6h time difference being the main obstacle.

It would be great if you were able to visit Belgium in the next year or two! (at present the number of US visitors has crashed due to the exchange rate and the economy)

As for blogging: it would be a pleasure to read you more often.

I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do with my blog at Antwerp Calling (currently running on auto pilot). "On verra", like they say in French.

Gaston Studio said...

So sorry about Nelson Mr. Nighttime and I did wonder where you were and what was going on in your life that kept you from us in blogland.

Congrats on the national publication acceptance; here's wishing your new year will bring health, happiness and many, many more acceptances with this mag and others.

Zed said...

Superb funeral, if I may say that. If no one leaves mine laughing they'll all join me in Hell, for sure. Funerals are strange affairs and the best memories kept about the deceased, the better.

Congratulations on your article! I'll read it tonight for sure (I admit, I've not yet read it - but I will. Promise) so that is brilliant news.

What is even better is that you are going to visit US, in Brussels! Peter, the Twat, others and I - and I swear that I'll meet Peter before you get here.

Or will I?

Your call, MrN.... x

(That's not blackmail - of course not...)

Mr. Nighttime said...

VS - Like Ahhhnold, I'll be back. ;-) Good talking to you today, and I'll keep you posted regarding my friend that works at American Museum/Hayden Planetarium.

jay - That's what I want, no funeral have a party. I've considered recording my own DVD to be played at the party after my death so that I can be there... ;-)

Bendy - Thanks a bunch my dear, and how the hell are you feeling?

Peter - Yeah, we're going to have to work this out. I do have Google chat, so I'm sure we can find the time to match schedules, even with the time difference.

Jane - Thanks so much, and I'm pretty excited, though this is going to take a lot of work for this article. I'm looking forward to it.

Zed - I suspect that the only way you will meet Peter is if you get that new pair of gloves so that you will actually go out of the house... ;-) I will make it there, that's for damned sure.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Thanks to blogging, we've all met some wonderful people, haven't we?
Thanks to blogging, we can share out joys - new job, sorrows - funerals. Everytime I slow down on blogging, I feel as though something's missing. Yes, all the beautiful people out there are missed.

Please tell your brother I send my sympathies and healing wishes too.

Bina said...

I feel so bad for Nelson's mother. An only child and he left this world before she did. I can't imagine anything harder than losing a child and I hope to God that I will NEVER have to know that pain.

Great news about your writing! Woo Hoo!!!! Wishing you all the luck and good energy I can send your way!