Saturday, June 21, 2008

I should, I wish, I love.

Well, I am no longer a virgin; oh, not in the Biblical sense mind you, as that event passed into history a long time ago.

No, I received my first tagging from gemmak. I guess this means I am a real blogger now. If I were still a smoker, I'd light one up.

So, below is this meme, as it is known, and I therefore tag (and not to worry, as I practice safe blogging) Anne-droid, Julia, Andy, Anna, and Guyana-Gal, and Bendy Girl. I don't want to tag too many people this first time around, as I might get the reputation as a blogslut. ;-)

So, here goes:

My ex... bosses, two of them, taught me the proper way to treat employees. I learned so much about what it means to be a leader, as opposed to just a "boss" from them, and though I am no longer a boss myself, I try to use those principles they taught me in everyday life.

Maybe I should... really try to exercise. I became a diabetic last year because of the long-term use of my transplant meds, and I really need to find something I can get into. I love bike riding, and I have a bike that has been sitting in my basement for some time. The problem is, biking here in winter is just not something that is really feasible.

I love... my wife, my family, acting, theatre, writing, laughing long and hard.

People would say... I am opinionated, (which I can be, though I have tried hard to moderate it.) and that I am passionate about things that interest me.

I don't people can use religion as a shield for morality. Some of the most immoral people on the planet claim to be the most pious. Morality derives itself from more than just a belief in a deity, whether it be a personal or impersonal one. It comes out of the human experience, from day-to-day living. Pete Townshend wrote about Keith Moon: "Morality ain't measured in a room he wrecked."

When I wake up in the morning... hand me a cup of coffee and don't expect any useful conversation until after I am done drinking it.

I lost...any naiveté I may have had when I stepped into that Brooklyn neighborhood to work in 1987. I lost a lot of faith in people as well, though much of it was gained back after getting my transplant, though I still retain a degree of cynicism, as it keeps me on my toes.

Life is full of...contradictions.

My past is something...that I have worked to come to terms with.

I get annoyed when...I feel I am being condescended to, or I can't get a straight answer from people.

Parties are...something I enjoy, but so few are worthwhile. Closing night parties are usually the best!

I wish...I could could achieve my goal of being a full-time writer.

Dogs...are the most loyal things on the planet. I wish I could have one, but with our schedules, it would not be fair to the dog to leave it home alone all day. A yellow lab would be my dog of choice though.

Cats...are good too. I like their independence. If the wife was not allergic to them, I would get two of them and name them Smith and Jones. (I did have a cat growing up.) tomorrow. I can only worry about today.

I have a low tolerance for...stupidity, and no tolerance for people who abuse kids. I saw too much of the latter in my time.

If I had a million dollars...I wouldn't write a song with that in the title. I would give a hunk towards transplant research for liver disease, a hunk to my theatre, a hunk for AIDS research, and invest the rest while enjoying myself with some if it as well.

I'm totally terrified of...bees, wasps, and any other stinging insects.


gemmak said...

Ohhh...I 'corrupted' a virgin! It's been a while.... ;o)

I'm so with you on your "I don't understand" thing!

AnneDroid said...

Thanks, Mr N. I enjoyed doing that meme.

Jay said...

It's a good meme! Many of your comments sound so much like my own opinions - I knew I liked you!

You're SO right about bosses. Most don't understand that you get more from people by leadership and not by leaning on them so hard they fall over.

having my cake said...

Now that is a fun meme!

Peter said...

It sounds like you have all your priorities right, along with a mature, stable foundation that makes you a neighbor I'd love to have ;-)

Claudia said...

Congrats. on the loss of your cherry, dear. WOOT!